The basic criteria of the fee settlement

The Law Office of Legal Adviser Anna Kaczyńska provides various forms of legal services, which depends on Clients’ needs, legal problem’s specificity and the possible options of its solution. An agreement between legal adviser and Client is the basic principle of fixation the fee for each legal service, and the rate of the fee includes:

  • length and time of legal adviser’s work,
  • the level of expertise and competences required,
  • complexity and difficulty of the case or its untypical character,
  • place and time limit for providing the service,
  • the significance and the value of the case to the Client,
  • the responsibility connected with the case

The fee rate is settled with each Client individually before providing the legal service since each case and legal issue, even such which subjects may seem similar, have their specific character and differ as far as a complexity of facts, a legal status and number of documents to prepare and to consult are concerned.